Industry Lead Body (ILB)

Many of the activities in 2016 of CTWG were around delivering on our commitment as an ILB.We also want to set the foundation for future initiatives, activities and plans for the next 5 years.

In line with the roadmap, several high-profi le activities were held. The major achievements included the following:

  • ILB Deliverables:
    • Completion of 3 NOSS
    • Joint Seminars with JPK on Industry Lead Body Role & Promotion at Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bharu, and Kuantan
    • Submission of PPT applications
    • Seminar on DPIN
  • Engagements with JPK through various dialogs, presentations, and conferences.
  • Oil & Gas HR Forum

Delivering on ILB commitments was challenging. MOGSC was awarded an ILB Grant of RM348,000 to deliver on the scope mentioned above. The time pressure of delivering all the scope within 6 months proved to be arduous, but achievable, due to the full support of the CTWG Event committee, ILB Committee and CTWG Members. The feedback from JPK was extremely positive. And MOGSC gained valuable lessons in delivering the scope and we are confi dent to do more in 2017.

MOGSC has been appointed as the ILB for the Oil and Gas sector since 2013. This is an exclusive and privileged appointment by Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran(JPK) under Ministry of Human Resource. As the ILB, MOGSC acts as the trusted advisor to the Ministry to spearhead skills and competency development for Oil & Gas. The CTWG roadmap essentially focuses on ensuring the responsibility as an ILB is fulfi lled.

MOGSC presented the Roadmap to JPK at the end of 2016 and it was very well received by JPK. The roadmap has been the basis for very productive discussions between MOGSC and JPK on future events, activities, initiatives, and plans. MOGSC is confi dent that there is solid alignment between the Oil and Gas industry and the Government through JPK.