Competency & Training Working Group



Working Group Competency & Training Working Group (CTWG)
Mentor Ts. Anwarudin Saidu Mohamed, MOGSC Executive Committee Member
Chairperson Ir. Ts. Megat Zariman Abdul Rahim (Bumi Armada Berhad)
Deputy Chairperson Ts. Dr. Norsaidatul Akmar Mazelan (Think Plus Consulting Sdn. Bhd.)
Secretary Shamsul Nizam Ariffin (Energy Quest Sdn. Bhd.)
Lead, Industry Lead Body (ILB) Ir. Ts. Noor Hisham Yahaya (Lindenwood Consult Sdn. Bhd.)
Lead, MBOT Ir. Ts. Yeo Cheng Kwan (CPD Holistics Sdn. Bhd.)
Lead, OGLearn Faiz Latip (Pace Up Sdn. Bhd.)
Lead, Community Learning Syamsul Qamar (Cendana Energie Sdn. Bhd.)
Vision / Mission / Objectives VISION

Establish MOGSC as the Oil & Gas Center of reference for competency and training



Develop framework for competency development through collaboration among Government, Industry and Academic Institutions


  1. Develop new competency skills, reference and guidelines for ILB
  2. Develop and promote professional development and certification for the industry through MBOT
  3. Develop and promote training development opportunities via OGLearn to reach more learning partners and training courses
  4. Assess market needs regularly and drive knowledge and information sharing to drive change-up skilling, re-skilling and cross training.