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Working Group Marine & Logistics Working Group (MLWG)
Mentor Captain Ahmad Imran Mohd Azmi
Chairperson Captain Sulaiman Ayop, Surya Nautika
Secretary Farra Nur Hidayah bt Ahmad, Aveva Asia Pacific Sdn Bhd

Suhainah Shamsuddin, OSV Malaysia

Eur Ing Yeo Cheng Kwan, CPD Holistics Sdn Bhd

Nazery Khalid, AMIM

Zukernain Md Yassin, Icon Offshore

Safwan Othman, Dinastia Jati

Vision / Mission / Objective


To establish Malaysia as a center of excellence for marine adn logistics services for oil & gas and petrochemical industry in the Asia Pacific region


Improve marine logistics standards through collaboration with marine stakeholders including Authorities, Industry and Academic Institution

  • To create awareness on marine and logistics key role in the Oil & Gas industry
  • To promote world class marine and logistics standard within the Oil & Gas industry
  • To promote collaboration between marine and logistics companies
  • To identify and understand the challenges in the Oil & Gas industry with regards to marine and logistic services
  • To share marine and logistics best practices in finding solutions to current and future challenges
Proposed Upcoming Activities
  • To follow up on action items identified at the "Marine Digitization Forum"
  • To analyze the online survey results on Malaysian OSV seafarers and produce the survey report
  • Engage with various marine stakeholders, provide regular input and information sharing on marine logistics best practices
  • Jointly develop database of certified local marine personnel and identify marine logistics related companies

Activity Report


List of Activities - Marine & Logistics Working Group
No List of Activities Date Link
39 11th MLWG Meeting Thursday
16th March 2017
38 Launching of Online Survey for OSV crew Wednesday
12th March 2017
37 Marine Digitization Forum at Cornerstone, Wisma Selangor Dredging Wednesday
8th March 2017
36 #9 Marine Digitization Forum Discussion Monday
6th March 2017
35 #8 Marine Digitization Forum Discussion Friday
3rd March 2017
34 #7 Marine Digitization Forum Discussion Tuesday
28th February 2017
33 #6 Marine Digitization Forum Discussion Tuesday
24th February 2017
32 #5 Marine Digitization Forum Discussion Thursday
16th February 2017
31 Meeting with PETRONAS ICT on Marine Digitization Forum Tuesday
14th February 2017
30 10th MLWG Meeting Wednesday
8th February 2017
29 MLWG Marine Digitization Survey Thursday
2nd February 2017
28 #4 MLWG Marine Digitization Forum Discussion Thursday
26th January 2017
27 #3 MLWG Marine Digitization Forum Discussion Monday
23rd January 2017
26 #2 MLWG Marine Digitization Forum Discussion Tuesday
17th January 2017
25 MLWG 3 year Roadmap roll out Wednesday
11th January 2017
24 9th MLWG Meeting Wednesday
11th January 2017
23 #1 MLWG Marine Digitization Forum Meeting Friday
23th December 2016
22 8th MLWG Meeting Friday
9th December 2016
21 PETRONAS Logistics HSE dialog session with Marine Stakeholders Monday
5th December 2016
20 PETRONAS-OSV Malaysia - MOGSC Meeting Thursday
1st December 2016
19 MOGSC - OSV Malaysia Meeting Wednesday
30th November 2016
18 7th MLWG Meeting Wednesday
9th November 2016
17 Follow up Meeting on Sustaining the OSV Industry Monday
17th October 2016
16 IMHH Follow-up Meeting with Sterling Insurance Brokers Thursday
13th October 2016
15 6th MLWG Meeting Wednesday
12th October 2016
14 MLWG - IMHH Forum Wednesday
7th September 2016
13 5th MLWG Meeting Monday
5th September 2016
12 3rd MLWG - IMHH Forum Discussion Friday
2nd September 2016
11 2nd MLWG IMHH Forum Discussion Friday
26th August 2016
10 1st MLWG IMHH Forum Discussion Friday
12th August 2016
9 4th MLWG Meeting Wednesday
3rd August 2016
8 MOGSC - OSV Malaysia Meeting Thursday
14th July 2016
7 MOGSC President & OSV Malaysia Meeting Wednesday
29th June 2016
6 Presentation by Sterling Insurance Brokers on IMHH Monday
27th June 2016
5 3rd MLWG Meeting Monday
27th June 2016
4 President & OSV Meeting Tuesday
21th June 2016
3 2nd MLWG Meeting Monday
13th June 2016
2 MLWG - IMHH Discussion Monday
13th June 2016
1 1st MLWG Meeting Wednesday
25th May 2016