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Working Group Manufacturers & Fabricators Working Group (MFWG)
Mentor Manoel Gomes
Chairperson Azman Nasir, EIC UK (Asia Pacific)

Michelle Yee, EEW Malaysia

Syed Salikhin Alsagoff , Bumi Wangsa

Vision / Mission / Objective VISION & MISSION

To promote Malaysian manufacturers and fabricators capabilities domestically and in the international market

  • To identify the challenges faced by Fabricators & Manufacturers in the Malaysian Oil & Gas Industry
  • To provide support and act as the leading voice to other members
Proposed Upcoming Activities
  • Proposed visit to Myanmar, business matching with members of Myanmar Oil and Gas Services Society.
  • Dialogue/Forum on “Agency/Principal” business, it’s challenges in the Malaysia Oil and Gas industry
  • Close dialogue with Malaysian Fabricators on its way forward in the current landscape

Activity Report


List of Activities - Manufacturers & Fabricators Working Group
No List of Activities Date Link
8 Meeting with MOCA Exco at Dayabumi. Discussion on Malaysian Fabricators Way Forward Thursday
9th March 2017
7 MFWG Committee Meeting Tuesday
21st February 2017
6 MFWG Committee (Fabricators) Meeting with MPRC Thursday
17th November 2016
5 MFWG Committee Discussion on organizing talk on Renewable Energy Wednesday
26th October 2016
4 MFWG Meeting with Myanmar Oil & Gas Association Thursday
29th September 2016
3 3rd MFWG Meeting Wednesday
24th August 2016
2 2nd MFWG Meeting Wednesday
20th July 2016
1 1st MFWG Meeting Monday
27th June 2016