Manufacturers & Fabricators Working Group



Working Group Manufacturers & Fabricators Working Group (MFWG)

Ir. Manoel Gomes, MOGSC Executive Committee Member

Pn. Linda Zain, MOGSC Treasurer

Chairperson Azman Nasir (EIC UK (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd)

Tn. Syed Salikhin Alsagoff (Bumi Wangsa TMS Sdn. Bhd.)

Vision / Objectives VISION

To promote Malaysian manufacturers and fabricators capabilities domestically and in the international market


  1. To identify the challenges faced by Fabricators & Manufacturers in the Malaysian Oil & Gas Industry
  2. To provide support and act as the leading voice to other members
  3. To promote innovation, technology and industry best practices
  4. Capability and capacity building
  5. To promote Malaysia as a manufacturing hub for the Oil & Gas Industry