Small & Medium Enterprises Working Group


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Working Group Small & Medium Enterprises Working Group (SMEWG)
Mentor Tn. Syed Saggaf Syed Ahmad
Chairperson Fairuz Yahaya, EXS Energy Sdn Bhd
Secretary Yulliz Mohd Ramdzan, Awaltek Sdn Bhd
Vision / Mission / Objective VISION & MISSION

This is a diversified Working Group;

Centered through the themes of Survivability, Sustainability and Visibility of SME’s. Pursuing for Immediate opportunities and Internationalization of Malaysia SME’s


  • Collaborate with PETRONAS on relation with SWEC review
  • Promote business internationalization of MOGSC SME companies
  • Create awareness to SME members on funding and financing availability and process
Proposed Upcoming Activities
  • SWEC review
    • Representative SMEWG in Task Force
    • Link with Sarawak Co’s
  • Engagement with Malaysian Inc to identify international opportunities
  • Engagement with State Governments Johor, Sarawak, Sabah
    • Facilitation for Business Premises such as PKNS, JCorp
    • SME complex
  • Grant Process Improvement
  • Facilitate access to funds (towards lowering cost of business) Organizing Seminar Collaboration with PUNB on financing

Activity Report


List of Activities - SME Working Group
No List of Activities Date Link
9 Bursa Malaysia New Market Briefing Monday
6th February 2016
8 3rd SMEWG Meeting
  • Briefing on International Opportunities by Malaysia Inc
  • Briefing on facilities by Alkhair Bank
13th October 2016
7 2nd SMEWG Meeting Tuesday
6th September 2016
6 1st SMEWG Meeting Monday
1st August 2016
5 SME Consortium Meeting Friday
22nd July 2016
4 SMEWG Chairman Meeting with EXCO - presentation on a proposal for setting up a consortium of MOGSC members to bid for RAPID projects Wednesday
18th May 2016
3 SME Consortium Meeting with EXCO Monday
16th May 2016
2 SMEWG Meeting (SME Consortium Meeting) Thursday
5th May 2016
1 SMEWG Meeting (SME Consortium Meeting) Thursday
28th April 2016