Decommissioning Working Group



Working Group Decommissioning Working Group
Mentor Ts. Syed Saggaf Syed Ahmad, MOGSC Honorary Secretary
Chairperson Juzer Noman (IEV Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.)
Secretary Kayleigh Hughes (Genesis Energies)
Mission / Objectives MISSION

To connect capabilities with opportunities


  1. Engage and support PETRONAS to develop local expertise in providing decommissioning services
  2. Encourage and mobilize the industry to support and collaborate effectively with PETRONAS to develop local expertise in decommissioning
  3. Introduce technology to upgrade local industry, including collaboration with foreign expertise
  4. Create awareness in the industry on the importance of the environmental and waste management issues, including promoting best practices and raising standards in HSE for the industry
  5. Promote agenda and programs that will enhance and work closely with industry stakeholders and relevant authorities to develop the local decommissioning industry via technical conferences, seminars, talks, exhibitions and forums
  6. Create a positive awareness and understanding on decommissioning activities to the media
  7. Encourage decommissioning services as a sustainable business by exploring alternative decommissioning options such as reuse, recycling and waste management

    8. Identify and promote capable local companies to undertake Decommissioning and late life programmes and establish continued engagement with stakeholders, to map, strategize and develop the Decommissioning segment in the most cost effective manner