Applications for Companies to Continue Operations during the Enhanced Movement Control Order

Dear MOGSC Members,

Thank you for responding to our previous request for information with respect to the MITI application. As an update, MOGSC had submitted the list of Oil & Gas companies and their suppliers to MITI on Friday, 10th April. Subsequently, on Friday, 10th April, the Government had announced that certain additional sectors will be allowed to operate during the next phase of the Enhanced MCO to protect the country's economy. As you may have seen, our Oil & Gas sector is one of the sectors stated in the MITI press release. The sectors will be allowed to operate by phases with strict health and safety guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures.

MITI has also informed that companies that needs to / is required by your client to operate during the MCO period, to submit an application online to MITI on MONDAY, 13th APRIL 2020, starting at 9.00am

The information that companies will be required to submit are: 
1. Information on Company Registration including SSM number, business and operations license numbers
2. Company correspondence and operation office address. Maximum of 10 operation office addresses are allowed.
3. Company revenue for 2017, 2018 and 2019
4. Number of permanent employees, their name, I.C. number, mobile phone number and their scope of work.

For companies that had received the MITI approval previously or that have applied and have not received a reply, it is advised for you to re-apply as the new MITI letter includes a QR code that will be used by authorities to verify the approval letter.

If you are able to work from home, it is strongly suggested that you continue to do so for the health and safety of your employees and their families as we continue to flatten the curve. For these companies that are working from home, you do not need to apply to MITI online. Please give way to those that are more critical in nature as to not flood the submissions to MITI so they will be able to review and approve the applications quickly.

Please take note that companies in the additional sectors allowed to operate can only start their operations AFTER receiving approval from MITI.

Thank you.