Act Safe Stay Safe
MOGSC HSEQ Working Group Lesson Learnt Sharing Initiative

The MOGSC Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) Working Group is sharing important Lesson Learnt information on incidents and potential hazards from the Industry to help prevent future incidents from occurring. All MOGSC members are encouraged to contribute relevant HSE related information to be shared. HSE Lesson Learnt should be concise, specific, factually correct and written in clear language. It also must be approved to be shared  with the public.



     All submissions are handled in the strictest confidence, with information anonymised, checked before issue and published only with clear permission from the originator.

     MOGSC remains aware that it is sometimes necessary for members to take legal advice before sharing incident information, and we would stress that published HSE LESSON LEARNT are always completely anonymous. MOGSC does encourage members to continue to share information about incidents, hazards and lessons learnt, as far as is reasonably practical.


Review and Approval Process

     When a member submits an HSE event to MOGSC, it will firstly be reviewed by MOGSC HSEQ Working Group. A draft ‘Act Safe Stay Safe version’ of the incident will be prepared, and this will be sent back for review to the originator. No further action is taken until the originator reply that the event is ready to be published. This process may involve a number of iterations of the submission before the HSE LESSON LEARNT is ready for publication.


What should be included?

Members can refer to the below guideline:

     Indicate which of the IOGP Life-Saving Rules (if any) were dominant factors in this incident

     The title should be concise and focus on the main issue

     The focus should be on lessons learnt and how to prevent a recurrence, rather than on the event itself

     The content should be concise, specific and as far as possible, a common theme or pattern should be followed:

o   What happened? An incident or an issue will be described

o   Why? What were the immediate causes and, if appropriate, the root causes

o   Learning: what can members learn from this

o   Action: what are the recommendations to prevent recurrence

o   Where possible, share photographs or illustrations.


To submit a Lesson Learnt, please fill in the online form at and it will be reviewed and uploaded on this page.



Lessons Learnt