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Central Park Commercial Centre
3rd Mile, Rock Road
93200 Kuching
Sarawak Bumi Kenyalang
P +608-2417 175
F +608-2253 599
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Anggun Diversified Sdn Bhd is a 100% Bumiputera construction company specializing in the field of property development, civil, mechanical, structural construction and infrastructure works since the year 2004.
Anggun Diversified Sdn Bhd business is emphasizing on both Government and Private sectors development projects under any of the design build, lump sum, turnkey, general contracting and sub-contracting contracts.
Anggun Diversified Sdn Bhd is registered with Grade G7 of Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) of Malaysia as well as Pusat Khidmat Kontraktor (PKK) as a Bumiputera Contractor in the year 2007 that permit the company to undertake any government or private projects valued at RM 10 million and above through open selected or negotiated tenders.
Besides, Anggun Diversified Sdn Bhd has also registered with Petronas Malaysia Berhad, Unit Pendaftaran Kontraktor Negeri (UPK), Ministry Of Finance with Bumiputera Status for supply and services category, MAESCO and Energy Commission as Energy Service Company.
Anggun Diversified Sdn Bhd has been awarded for ISO 9001:2008 under Provision of Project Management in Building Construction and Infrastructure Works.

The business philosophies of Anggun Diversified Sdn Bhd are:

1. To provide quality service and workmanship to meet our customer’s demand at all times;
2. To fulfill the high punctuality and productivity expectation of customer;
3. To constantly upgrade and improve on our quality of services by providing the best qualified manpower, equipments and infrastructure to ensure only the best quality of services and maintenance & works are offered to our customers;
4. To provide warranty on all works done for our clients as proof of its competence and quality of workdone;
5. To ensure maximum safety in terms of the works environment and in the works done and services provided to customers.

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